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A little something on women

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we’ve talked again. It was a hard period of time coping with senior year but I survived and is surprisingly awake to write this post.

The past week has been flooded with International Womens Day and all the information, events and meetings that come along with it, both at school and outside of school. It made me question what it’s like to be a girl in this generation. Coming from a quite extended family, I have heard so many stories about love, how reckless people were and how simple the concept of love was to people from previous generations. I remember my granny telling me the story of how she married my grandfather, saying that their love came from a genuine and sincere want to care for each other rather than the “love at first sights” or the crazy wild love that were depicted to be experienced by every single young person in their early 20s, and that although they eventually got a divorce and both went their separate ways, it has never been a mistake and they both raised my mum like any other two-parent family. All my life, I’ve been influenced and raised by women, since both my granny and my mum became single mothers after their divorces, but yet I rarely hear any ’empowering’ speech on feminism and the Women Movement. We grow up together as this 3-generation family filled with women who learned lessons in life, and personally I think those lessons defined myself and my ideals quite well.

During the IWD session at my school, we had plenty of questions about famous women in our time, who worked their way up and earned their success with diligence and patience for progress. I learned a lot from talking, laughing, and listening to their experience. But I also thought to myself, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear about stories of the women in their lives? Aren’t personal pieces of each of our lives’ jigsaw puzzles a crucial part to who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing? It is no exaggeration to say that we live in a world where stereotypes have become a part of our staple diet, occupying a glaringly large proportion of day-to-day discourse. As children, we are often lied to. We are often made to inhabit nests built from these stereotypes and before we realize it, we’ve grown too comfortable to get rid of them. Therefore wouldn’t raw stories and experiences be one of the keys to help crack that stereotyping wall that the media has built up for us?

To sum up this long post and one that may potentially turn into a rant like any other thing that I write about, I just want to express how important it is for everyone, especially women, to get their thoughts out to the world and have their voice being heard, whether that voice is portrayed as books, novels, blogs, music, paintings, etc. The important thing is the need to speak out, because even if no one listens, you stepped out of your boundaries and be honest to the raw experiences, the black side of every girl whose color was destined from the moment of birth to be pink, and be proud of yourself to have overcome the lies that we’ve been told from a young age.

Happy late International Womens Day and we’ll see each other again very soon.