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The Blogger Recognition Award

Wow, my first blogging award. What is this? Thank you SaRitzy for nominating me for this award and go check out her blog because I can assure you she posts so much more regularly than I do.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  2. Write a post to show the award
  3.  Give a little backstory on how your blog first started
  4. Share two pieces of advice you think new bloggers should know
  5. Nominate five other bloggers for the award and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know, along with a link to your award post

I honestly think I would just be repeating myself if I talk about how I started my blog because it’s the first thing anyone would read on my blog… But anyway, long story short there were a lot of side factors but it was raining and I was drinking tea and I somehow managed technology and created this.

I am definitely in no place to give anyone advice because I’m in desperate need of advice for my blog some(most of the)times. But if you are thinking of creating a blog, or just created one recently:

  • Be yourself. Be yourself when you write, write your own ideas and be the truest, most honest version of yourself. I’m grateful everyday that I created my blog since it is such a healthy and opening platform for anyone. You can stay anonymous if you’d like to, no one would know, and whatever you write, your blog would always remain as a place to simply, to me, preserve my emotions through the years in the form of words. When I sit down and write, I get to write about some things I never thought I would say or even think of in real life. Because their are so many expectations, judgments and prejudice out there. But the blogging community is very opening, educational and filled with a lot of people with beautiful souls and unique ideas.
  • Set small goals. A lot of you might think of creating a blog because your blog will become famous and become successful bloggers that earns millions. But truthfully speaking, that takes a lot of effort and money. People might don’t get any money at all for blogging, including all those big bloggers, but they do it for the connections and interactions among the community, which I think is an important and such precious thing.

If I can, I would have nominated all bloggers that are active and putting down their ideas everyday. But unfortunately, I only get to pick 5 which also made me realize I haven’t been making a lot of connections of WordPress… Anyway, I nominate:

  1. Diana
  2. Stella
  3. Jo Smith
  4. Rosinalee
  5. Rikki

Have fun writing this post and have a fabulous week everyone. 🙂